Danielle Riddle

Danielle Riddle had a tough job ahead of her. She wanted to utilize the internet to find a second source of income, such as a part-time job or a side business, to help pay for a vacation. She did, however, flourish as a musician. In other words, other from selling the music itself, how was it going to be turned into an internet product? Danielle lacked a record deal and lacked high-quality recording equipment. Starting a side company would have required a significant time and financial commitment, which would have defeated the objective of having a side business in the first place. So, how would she combine her two loves of music and the Internet?

Danielle Riddle grew raised in an atmosphere that encouraged her creativity. Her dream of being a singer had always been realized, but her stage career did not pan out. She couldn't sing, to put it bluntly. Riddle didn't take long to find that she was a gifted pianist. She appreciated her work even after all these years, but she ached for something more. People in her social circle would often tell her about how they had come up with a novel idea or concept that had proved to be profitable on the internet. However, she was the only one who didn't have a back channel. Dannielle Riddle rolled up her sleeves and got to work, much as she did with music, creating realistic, commercial solutions.

Danielle Riddle came to the idea that solving difficulties was an inextricable aspect of making something that people wanted in a short amount of time. Despite her background as a musician, she was able to develop products for the online market that were not limited to music. All she needed to do was shift her perspective. Her surrounds were full with problems that needed to be solved. Riddle was used to hearing all of her colleagues' complaints about things that didn't work for them and what they wished for in order to make their life easier when working in the studio or on stage as a musician. Danielle Riddle quickly learned that her colleagues were a think tank for science. Even better, Riddle was able to create and test her product ideas on real people who enjoyed playing music and wanted to make things easier.