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Danielle Riddle Boise

Danielle Riddle, a native of Boise, Idaho, had an intriguing problem. She intended to use online platforms to generate a secondary revenue stream for herself, such as a personal gig or a side hustle for some holiday cash. Her primary skill, though, was that of a musician. Aside from selling the music itself, how was that going to transfer into music into some type of product to sell online? Danielle had no record deal and no high-quality recording equipment. Getting started would have required thousands of dollars, which would have defeated the purpose of a side business at the time. So how were her two passions, music, and the Internet, going to be linked?

Danielle Riddle of Boise was surrounded by it when it came to creativity. Originally, she aspired to be a vocalist, but her attempts on stage were unsuccessful. She simply lacked the ability to speak. Riddle discovered that she was extremely talented in piano and guitar. Years later, she enjoyed her job but desired something more. Every day, her peers and friends would tell her about how one of them had discovered a fresh angle and idea that was popular and selling online. Except for her, everyone seemed to have a side channel. Dannielle Riddle rolled up her sleeves and began brainstorming some viable, useable ideas, just as she had done with music.

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